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Customer Care

The company GUNSWRAP is a dynamically developing team of specialists in the field of camouflage for weapons.
Our employees do their job more than 8 years. Experience allows us to implement the most ambitious ideas of our clients. It is the creation of texture camouflage, development of templates and adaptation for different types of AirSoft guns, firearms, pneumatic guns and sporting guns.

In our work we use materials produced in Germany. All templates are manufactured on high-precision modern Japanese equipment. The company GUNSWRAP is a regular participant of exhibitions, which allows us to offer our clients industry trends. We work around the world.


Our advantage:
• Accurate compliance with all technical standards and technology works.
• Modern and high-quality materials and equipment.

• Higher quality and efficiency.

• Individual and attentive approach to each customer.

• Product warranty of 5 years. 


We will answer any question concerning the installation of the skin GUNSWRAP on the weapon. We will pick up the necessary materials and equipment, taking into account the wishes of each client, draw up accurate templates and perform all work in time.

Privacy & Safety

We GunsWrap believe that your personal privacy is of the utmost importance. Client, billing, email address and phone number will only be used in the process process orders on goods. This information provided by the client will not be disclosed to any persons or entities besides the supplier's warehouse and our carriers to deliver the goods. Upon completion of the discharge and providing an email address, we send an email confirming your order, providing tracking information, and customer service. 

All credit card and personal information collected GunsWrap are used only for order processing and customer service. On our servers never stored the credit card information, so all customers will need to manually enter payment information for each purchase. GunsWrap hosted domain with Google domains, which uses HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security). Web site GunsWrap hosted in WIX , which use SSL certificates that use industry-standard 256-bit encryption. This is the same level of encryption used by large banks to ensure the security of your information.

Wholesale Inquiries

Want to become a dealer of products GunsWrap? Nothing easier! Please fill out the form and we will contact you with more information!

Сообщение отправлено, спасибо!

The minimum wholesale order is 10 PCs of a product.
10 pieces - 10% discount the deadline is 3 days.
20 pieces - 20% discount deadline - 3 days.
40 pieces - discount - 30%. the deadline is 4 days.
80 pieces - discount - 40% deadline - 8 days.
100 pieces and more - discount 50% delivery date - 10 days.
The discount is for an unlimited period. When buying more than 100 units sold the dealer gets a permanent 50% off discount on all products purchased in the future on minimum quantity(10 PCs.).
We are also working on the program a remote warehouse. We can send the goods to your clients. On packing lists in the line will be the sender your address.


Our packing slips do not contain pricing information, so your customers will not see your wholesale prices for ordering them. To learn more contact us.

Payment Methods

Payment Methodes

• Credit / Debit Cards

• Offline Payments

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