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Stencils are designed for painting weapons in camouflage, as well as painting sights, helmets and other equipment.
Stencils for painting weapons in camouflage are made of a special vinyl self-adhesive film, which allows you to create a camouflage pattern of the desired type on the surface of the weapon. Stencils are supplied pre-cut in A4 sheets. Stencils for painting weapons, scopes and equipment are made of high quality vinyl self-adhesive film. Camouflage stencils are easy to apply and remove. Traphores can be used with Bolognese Paint and Weapon Paints.
Stencils resemble the original form of the camouflage patterns on which they are based and are not an exact replica of them.
Kits complete set:
2 sheets of A4 stencils - enough for painting one or two pistols.
12 sheets of A4 stencils - enough to paint one or two rifles.
24 sheets of A4 stencils - enough to paint three or four rifles.
Recommended temperature for using stencils: from + 50F to + 104F.