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 Stickers for hunters. All shot sizes Buckshot, Slug, Standard shot sizes, Animals & Birds.
Stickers for marking reloading shot shells.
Set of SHOTSTICK stickers - for marking hunting shotshells

  • The set includes 102 SHOTSTICK stickers of one kind.

  • The diameter of the sticker is 0.039 inches (20 mm).

  • The material is a vinyl

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient stickers for shotshels

  • Indispensable product for any hunter

  • Numeric marking

  • Does not create obstacles for the strikers

  • High-quality printing

  • Perfect for 12 gauge size

  • Made of the finest damp-proof self-adhesive - not afraid of moisture   

  • Easily separated from the substrate and glued to any surface   

  • They have high abrasion resistance

  • Aesthetic and practical marking

  • Recovers the worn factory marking of cartridges

  • Prevents the drop-out of the capsule during reloading of old sleeves   

  • Protects the firebox from the powder gases escaping from under the capsule   

  • Perfectly readable at dusk   

  • Presented in a convenient and beautiful package