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This guide will tell you how to install. GunsWrap on the weapon or accessory. Before we begin, let's take a short list tools to help you install camouflage film on your weapon or accessory:
 1. The knife hobby
 2. Temperature controlled hair dryer or heat gun
 3. Degreaser:

  • Froglube solvent

  • Gun scrubber

  • CRC brake cleaner (non-chlorinated)

  • Any gun-specific degreaser

 4. Clean, lint-free cloth
 5. Brush and sponge


Step 1: Dismantle and degrease


The first thing we need to do is dismantle the weapons.
Although it is possible to install the kit on a fully assembled weapons are easier to make when they're dismantled. Each weapons will be different, but try to divide as many pieces as you can. Then we want you to degrease insertedsurface. Make sure that the paper the surface is very thoroughly cleaned of dirt, oil and poor-quality flowering. Clean the surface with a clean cloth, change them as needed. Dirt and grease, usually, settle in cracks and crevices. Wash hands with soap and water before applying the film. Plastic stock and forend also recommend. Rinse thoroughly with detergent.


Step 2: Install

  •      Prepare the workplace

  •      Position detail of the film, respectively details  weapons or accessories

  •      Use heat to stretch the material, to fit on the edges

  •     Use a sponge to press on the convex surfaces

  •     Take your time when pasting

Each camo set made of GunsWrap high-quality vinyl of German production. These are very durable and elastic stickers. Sets GunsWrap is easy to apply. You just peel off 
material, apply to the place on the surface weapon or accessory, and press firmly with your fingers. If you have incorrectly placed the material in the first time, it's fearless, you need to peel it off and try again. Our kits come pre-shipped cut into chunks for the stock, barrel, box forearm, etc. in addition, there is always additional the material as a spare part. It can to use for gluing small sight or accessory.


Step 3: Trim excess material 


Each weapon kit comes in the form of finished parts, some fully comply details of the weapon, and some exceed the size pasted over the surface. Our kits have enough material to make up for these differences. Likely, will an additional material hanging at the edges or overlap the other material after you place it. These the excess must be removed with a hobby knife. Carefully trim the excess material using a hobby knife. The angle of the blade should be outside from you. Excess material on the barrel we recommend clip to within saleeva her. Holes on the barrel bar is necessary for cooling the barrel, therefore it is better not to paste over a lath.


Most important step

Heat helps stretch the material to conform around complex corners and edges. When the film is heated with a hair dryer, it becomes more flexible and easily bends around a convex surface.

The most important part of the installation!!!

After applying the film and trim the excess of it it is necessary to fix on the surface.  For this heat the film installed on the weapon or accessory and press tightly with your hands, it helps strengthen the link between the details of the weapon and the film. We recommend to carry out these works at least at least ten minutes. The more time spent on at this stage, the better the film will hold on surfaces.




Congratulations, now your weapon has changed and received additional protection against scratches and moisture. Plastered you a weapon or just a part depends from your preferences. Some people prefer to pasted the whole thing, and the other choose to your liking. Wrapping arms in camouflage will not interfere with functionality in any way case. In addition, if you decide to remove the film from the surface, it will not leave traces 
glue's. Pasting may take a few hours, to be installed properly. Besides moreover, it depends on how complex the relief is your weapon.
We hope that this lesson helped to establish GunsWrap properly. Camouflage kits from GunsWrap help disguise and protect your weapon or accessory!

  • How quickly will I receive my order?
    Orders placed before 10am will be shipped same day. However, the majority of orders are dispatched on the next working day. Our preferred carrier – the Russian Post. On average delivery will take 14-35 days. All orders are shipped with tracking number. During the Christmas holidays and possible delays because of the greater workload of the postal service. International shipping sometimes takes up to 2-5 weeks. There are many reasons, including export packing, transit, import, customs fees / duties / taxes (buyer's responsibility).
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