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Double-Barreled Shotgun

Choose a vinyl gun wraps skin for your double barreled shotgun

   The double-barrelled gun was invented by the Frenchman La Claire in 1738. Double-barrelled guns are used almost exclusively as hunting rifles, but they have not been used in the army. There are two main options for placing barrels: horizontally, when the barrels are located next to each other, and vertically, when one barrel is located above the other bokflint. According to the type of trigger mechanism, double-barreled guns are divided into designs with two triggers and one trigger. The horizontal arrangement of trunks they are not parallel, but converge so that when firing to put the fraction in one point at a distance of 30-35 m. Often in hunting rifles, to empower the guns, the barrels are made of different choke constriction chokes, or the trunks vary in size — for example, one of the barrels rifled and the other smooth so-called boxplot.

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