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GunsWrap has been selling premium camouflage, self-adhesive vinyl film for over 10 years for decorative finishing of plastic, wood and metal surfaces of weapons.
Experience allows us to implement the most daring ideas of our customers. This is the creation of texture camouflage, the development of templates and adaptation to different types of pneumatic, firearms, pneumatic and sporting weapons.
Our partners provide us with a huge selection of camouflage patterns for hunting and tactical use, as well as camouflage stencils for painting.

In our work we use materials of German and American production. All templates are made on high-precision modern Japanese equipment. GunsSWrap is a regular exhibitor, which allows us to offer industry trends to our customers. We work all over the world.

Our advantage:
• Strict observance of all technical norms and work technologies.
• Modern and high quality materials and equipment.
• Higher quality and efficiency.
• Individual and attentive approach to each client.
• Lifetime guarantee against texture fading.

We will answer any question you may have about products sold by GunsWrap. Write to WhatsApp or SMS +1 463 210 8501

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