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Before installing GunsWrap camouflage 


Camo roll GunsWrap self-adhesive gun wrapper for your weapons and accessories. Our camouflage rolls use state-of-the-art printing technology to produce high-definition camouflage patterns and high-quality cast wrapping material. With GunsWrap camouflage rolls, you get the utility of camouflage and the versatility of being able to change patterns inexpensively depending on your intended use. The rifle's leather wrapper has a standard matte finish, making it ideal for use in the field. Our camouflage rolls have different amounts of material to meet your need for camouflage. The material is removable when necessary and leaves no adhesive residue. Suitable for any weapon or accessory.



o   Easy to install.

o   The best price.

o   lifetime warranty

o   Material waterproof and conforms to any shape.

o   Premium cast vinyl with a military grade matte laminate.

o   GunsWrap is the best protection for the surface of

your weapons & accessories from scratches, dirt and water.


o  Camo Roll S  7,87"x19,69"

o  Camo Roll M 7,87"x39,37"

o  Camo Roll L   7,87"x39,37" - 2 piece

o  Camo Roll XL 7,87"x39,37" - 3 piece


GunsWrap camo rolls are suitable for any weapon or accessory:

SIZE S for small accessories, sight, flashlight, rangefinder, knife handle,flask, monoculars, phones and others. SIZE M for submachine gun, hunting bow, binoculars, tactical helmet, laptop and others.

SIZE L for tactical rifles, PSP weapons, ar-10, L96A1, MP-5 and others.

SIZE XL for a crossbow, machine gun, and a few of your favorite accessories.