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مجموعات ملصق مسدس

Before installing GunsWrap camouflage 


A set of self-adhesive GunsWrap skins for your pistol. Our pistol camouflage gun skins use state-of-the-art print technology to produce high definition camouflage patterns and premium cast wrap material. With GunsWrap camouflage kits, you get the utility of  camouflage and the versatility of being able to inexpensively change patterns based on your intended use.  The gun skin wrap comes standard in a matte finish, making it ideal for use in the field.  Our camouflage gun skins come pre-cut with various pieces to allow for easy installation of your wrap.    Material is removable when desired and won’t leave behind an adhesive residue. Suitable for any hand gun. Free worlwide shipping. The item is sent with tracking number.



o   Easy to install.

o   The best price.

o   Parts are pre-cut.

o   lifetime warranty

o   Material waterproof and conforms to any shape.

o   Premium cast vinyl with a military grade matte laminate.

o   GunsWrap is the best protection for the surface of

your weapons & accessories from scratches, dirt and water.


o  Piece for the left side

o  Piece for the right side

o  Piece for the slide or barrel

o  Two pieces of additional material

Our kits are suitable for any hand gun, even airsoft replicas: Cyma, LCT, Tokyo Marui, East & more....