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بندقية مزدوجة شوتجن

Camouflage vinyl skins in rolls with a matte finish to protect your guns and accessories.

     Camouflage-camouflage paint used to reduce the visibility of people, weapons, equipment, structures by breaking the silhouette of the product or object.

    GunsWrap camo rolls are suitable for any weapon or accessory:

    SIZE S for small accessories, sight, flashlight, rangefinder, knife handle,flask, monoculars, phones and others.

    SIZE M for submachine gun, hunting bow, binoculars, tactical helmet, laptop and others.

    SIZE L for tactical rifles, PSP weapons, ar-10, L96A1, MP-5 and others.

    SIZE XL for a crossbow, machine gun, and a few of your favorite accessories.

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